Travelling irrigators
Throughout Queensland and as far North, East and West as you can imagine, Malanda Rural Supplies have your irrigation needs covered with their exclusive dealership of the world-famous T-L Lateral Irrigation systems

Our professional team at Malanda Rural Supplies can design, supply and install one of these internationally renowned lateral irrigation systems to your property.

Drop by our store today and we can show you some examples and demonstrations of real world applications of this system.

For your information our systems consist of the following components:
  • A span is the pipe and framework between two towers
  • A tower supports the spans and contains drive mechanisms and wheels
  • Outlets are the points at which water exits the main pipes
  • Emitters are attached at outlets either directly or on rigid or flexible droppers. Water is applied to the plants through emitters
  • Droppers are rigid or flexible small diameter pipes that allow emitters to be placed closer to the ground
  • Lateral Move systems share similar technology to pivots and are suited to areas up to 200 ha

There are many advantages to the T-L Pivot Irrigation System, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about it.

Precise application

The systems are able to apply a prescribed volume of water to match crop water requirements. It reduces the opportunity for surface runoff or deep percolation if the system is designed to match soil infiltration characteristics.

Reduced variability

The reported application efficiencies for our well-designed machines are superior to other surface irrigation systems.

Lower labour requirements

Labour requirements are generally lower than surface irrigation but depends on the system or the degree of automation of the machine.

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Pumps & Irrigation

Malanda Rural have the products and advice for the design and installation of any pumping and irrigation system on the Tablelands and we cover all aspects and sizes of farms, commercial locations and any residential applications.

Power Equipment

We specialise in the sale and service of ride-on and push mowers, handheld power equipment, chainsaws, blowers, brush cutters, water blasters and much more. With a complete range of genuine and non-genuine spare parts and lubricants we’ve got you covered.

T-L Lateral Irrigators

Our professional team can design, supply and install one of these internationally renowned pivot irrigation systems to your property to deliver a more precise water flow with a reduced variability. You will save water and improve greatly on your efficiency.

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